As organizational developer, I attempt to clarify how a company‘s existing or hidden potential or potential that has been lurking in the background, can be used in a more integrated and efficient way. The employees and customers of this company are part of the question. Together with my clients, I develop integrated approaches, processes, instruments or methods that can be incorporated into and used profitably in everyday work.

My specialization lies in organization development, but I am not focused on special industries, markets or organizations of a certain size. I work in all areas.

Executive development – Change to excellence through leadership

Leadership roles and management styles undergo a dynamic transformation, which often happens unplanned due to external influences and seemingly without a specific strategy. My special executive trainings serve to promote the targeted development of executives, who want to use this change in a controlled and active manner – for their personal success and the success of their company.

My concept of organization development

Organization development (or OD) follows an integrated approach and the coordination of internal and external processes (e. g. the development of mission, vision or strategy). The developments lead through a process-oriented and systemic implementation (executive coaching, training, and empowerment) and diagnostic (control) to a lasting optimization of entrepreneurial performance and success.


Service oriented behavior equals profitable work.

Who is organization development suitable for?

Organization development is basically a good idea for all organizations, companies, SMEs, associations, non-profit organizations, etc. wanting to re-orientate or orientate in a more differentiated manner and position themselves more efficiently as well as optimize their analyses-derived processes.

My offers more specifically:

  • Structuring of transformation and strategy development processes: Excellence through Change
  • Support of improvement and development processes: Excellence through Development
  • Development, implementation and promotion of leadership skills: Excellence through Leadership
  • Establishing and development of sector-specific characteristics: Excellence through Performance
  • Development, consolidation and expansion of service skills: Excellence through Service
  • Development, structuring and optimization of service teams: Excellence through Teams

Who profits from OD?
(Examples for illustration purposes):

  • Individual entrepreneurs, who want to be aware of their market identity.
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises, who want to orientate their processes and services in a more differentiated as well as in a more purposeful manner – analogous to their mission/vision.
  • Non-profit organizations, who want to define and implement strategic measures according to the sense and value of their mission.
  • Large co-operations/corporate groups, who want to align their divisions consistently with their existing guide values and implement expedient know-how and behavior.

What I can be for my clients:

  • a responsible entrepreneur
  • a partner with experience in execution and management
  • an academically qualified companion
  • an internationally active intermediary who works across industries and connects you with the necessary know-how and do-how
  • a multilingual (German, English, French) organizational developer

My work will be beneficial for you:

  • If you are looking for a developer, who can focus on your needs, who competently trains you and has an authentic image and coaching style.
  • If you are striving for an integrative and sustainable organization development.
  • If you want to work with someone, who has a holistic view of things and who will accompany you on the journey towards a profitable organization development.

I assume full responsibility for my actions:

I am personally responsible for my actions, for any content supplied by me as well as for an integrated, practice and process-oriented organization development.

I use my head and heart for my job:

I like to serve – because I sincerely believe in it. I live my profession. Politeness, openness and authenticity come natural to me. I think, work and feel holistically. I do what I say. I embody what I teach. WALK YOUR TALK. I put this kind of attitude in the center of my commitment.