Organizational developer Bernhard Schweizer – WHO I AM

My name is Bernhard Schweizer. I am Swiss and I am an organizational developer. I have worked on becoming an organizational developer for many years. I have trained to be a chef, waiter and bartender and made it as far as Chef de Cuisine and Mâitre d‘Hôtel in restaurants, gastropubs and luxury resorts.

Afterwards, I have linked practice and theory and completed a management training at the hotel management school in Thun (Switzerland), followed by years of travel. I was a manager in Scottsdale (Arizona), wine taster in Napa Valley (California), Harley Davidson tour guide on Route 66, Highway No. 1 and Highway No. 101. Other educational chapters in marketing and sales, communication, methodology/ didactics, adult education, mediation, HBDI, Spiral Dynamics integral (SDi) as well as systemic coaching (personal experience with application, education and training since 1990) in Switzerland, Germany, Austrian and the US followed.

When I returned to Switzerland, I went back to school and received my Master of Business Administration MBA (FHSG/HSG St. Gallen) in corporate management with emphasis on service management. Afterwards I completed training as Systemic Executive Coach at the Universität Hagen in Germany.

My experience as a service management, sales and rhetoric trainer at the Hotelmanagementschule Thun in Switzerland encompasses more than 10 years.

In 2003, after many years as a trainer, lecturer as well as employee and business developer, I founded my own company, gastfreundschaft bernhard schweizer GmbH ( Since that time, I have been working as an organizational developer. I help individuals and organizations with achieving and maintaining a qualitative differentiation through holistic, service-oriented development. The central topic of my work is change – through development towards business excellence. And this is not industry-specific. Everything I am able to teach individuals and organizations, I have experienced myself throughout years of experience with execution and management. At the end of the day, the goal is very clear for me: Achieve change – through service oriented behavior and turn it into profitable work.

But I am not just an organizational developer.

I am also a family man – a motorcyclist, archer, hunter, fly fisher, epicurean, author, friend of nature – and genuinely Swiss. I was born in the Bernese Oberland and also live there. But my clients can be found all over Europe. My list of references is long and includes all industries and corporate worlds. But for reasons of discretion, I do not mention any names here. What I can tell you is that my work is appreciated by international corporations, SMEs, wholesalers, cooperatives, tourism associations, breweries, cruise operators, pharmaceutical companies, industrial enterprises, printing companies, congress agencies, congress houses, transportation providers, major banks, regional banks, associations, insurances, manufacturers of design furniture, casinos, hospitals, medical practices as well as executives (CEO, COO, CFO) and many more.

What my clients say about me:

Bernhard Schweizer is a spontaneous perfectionist. He is a person, who creates in the moment He starts like an engine. He is immediately there and completely present with the people. He doesn‘t automatically know the intellectual solution right from the start. He prefers to intuitively engage with his audience. It is very important for him to not disturb the unrestrained interplay between the people in the room. He wants it to unfold. He rejects a strict plan. Because he doesn‘t need it, not even for his own safety. He draws from experience, from substance. He improvises and works to reach a goal in a brisk and open manner. You realize: This is a man, who is inspired by the situation. You are there, when the future develops from the moment.

My horizon of experience

Development (coaching and trainings) of service companies and individuals at home and abroad in the following subject areas:

  • Organization development (OD)
  • Change
  • Development of values and awareness
  • Executive development
  • Development of service competency
  • Service management
  • Service optimization
  • Team development
  • Communication and perception
  • Motivation
  • Marketing and sales
  • Self, social, method and leadership competence
  • Excellence in Service
  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Conflict management (mediation)
  • Training and empowerment
  • Executive Coaching

Please allow me now to point out my new book. In this book you will learn more about my work in general. In particular, you will read about the principle, implementation and control possibilities of my holistic approach. You will also read about how you can benefit from the different theories and practices and you will find further information about change or how you can achieve profit- oriented effects by means of service-oriented action. You will also learn a little bit more about me.